Mission Statement

The first of its kind in the Department of Music at Brandeis University, this journal was founded as an outgrowth of the 2015 Brandeis Music Graduate Student Society Conference. The editors of this journal seek to provide a continuing site for sharing the work of graduate students and scholars of music early in their careers. The scholastic subjects of the journal are wide-ranging, reflecting the spirit of the Brandeis University Department of Music’s committed approach to the study of music with its integrated and attendant focuses on historical, cultural, and theoretical methods. With this journal, we endeavor to make a lasting contribution to the concomitantly existing fields of musicology and music theory, and will strive to hold that each issue reflects this integrated view of music scholarship. In the interest of promoting accessibility, we have elected to publish the journal in an online, open-access format. We invite you to examine, scrutinize, and enjoy the perspectives offered here, joining us in the pursuit of furthering knowledge and expanding perspectives on music.